Topic: Shaikh Ghudayaan meets Shaikh Rabee

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A conversation between Sheikh Ghudayyan and Sheikh Rabee

The following is a summary translation taken from

(Sultan bin Muhammad bin Saalim Al Juni) said

I was a companion with our Sheikh, Sheikh Rabee during his meeting with the major scholars in Taif in the year 1427 (Islamic year)

So I will mention when we went to the Noble Scholar Sheikh Abdullah Ghudayyan, may Allah preserve him.

So we entered upon him in his office and we gave him the greetings, so he stood and shook Sheikh Rabees hand, gave us the greetings, and sat us down with him.

So he began to speak with Sheikh Rabee with delight and gentle, polite humor.

Then the talk was surrounding the minhaj, so Sheikh Rabee said, We warn from mistakes in the minhaj that oppose the book and the Sunnah and oppose the minhaj of the Salafi Salih that some of the callers fall into, so that the people will not be deceived by them.

So Sheikh Ghudayyan said, I am with you in this oh Sheikh Rabee.

And before Sheikh Rabee sought permission to leave, Sheikh Ghudayyan requested some of Sheikh Rabees recent books so he could look at them, so Sheikh Rabee promised to send this to him.

Then Sheikh Rabee sought Sheikh Ghudayyans permission to depart, so he gave us permission to leave. And we left with the same, rather we left with more happiness, delight and peace of mind than we had when we were greeted.

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