Topic: The Scholars and pledge of allegiance

rizwan    -- 30-09-2007 @ 8:18 PM
  Salaam Alaikum. I hope all the Brothers and Sisters are in good and having a good Ramadhan.

I was wondering has anyone ask the scholars regarding this pledge and wether it is permissable for us to join with the mixture of people on the list amongstthem people who deny allahs attributes, people who make clear mockery of the scholars of salafiyaah, thoses who commit major ahirk, etc etc.

as many of the people of the pledgfe and those who view it as okay belive so on the grounds that as muslims living in the west we are a minority and that joining up with help the situation of the muslims. When in actual fact as we all know it will only lead to confusion with the multitude of different voices coming from this pledge it seems that many people will be confused as to what the right path is and allahs knows best some may even be taken away from salafiyaah into the hands of thoses who commit shirk and innovation.

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