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There is not a great deal written regarding the Maturidis, mainly because of the great similarity between the creeds of the Maturidis and Asharis, and thus historically, most Scholars of the Sunnah have spoken regarding the Ash'arite creed more or less exclusively.

Following the absence of any authoritative work on the Maturidis, Allaah, the Most High, from His grace, blessed Ahl us-Sunnah through Abu Abdullaah Shams ud-Deen al-Afghaanee, who was born in 1372H, and his magnum opus, the book "Al-Maturidiyyah". Consisting of three volumes and close to 2100 pages, it is the most detailed and definitive treatment of the origins, history, doctrines and polemics of the Maturidiyyah.

Shams ud-Din al-Afghani himself was tutored and nurtured in the Maturidi way studying under his father and also Nidhaam ud-Din al-Hindee al-Hanafee al-Maturidid. And also under prominent Maturidi Naqshabandi Shaykhs, such as Muhammad Taahir bin Aasif al-Fanjafayree al-Hanafee al-Maturidi an-Naqshabandi, and also Abddur-Raheem Shatraalee al-Hanafee al-Maturidi.

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  Jazaakumullah khair

Thank you so much for the information. I want to know if there are specific websites that argue the Sufi?

Let's we learn qur'an and hadeeth with right understanding. Let's leave taqleed

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