Topic: The term "Abrahamic religions"?

NiqabiG    -- 05-07-2009 @ 5:36 AM
  Assalaam waliekum
How is everyone?
I have been running across the term "Abrahamic religions" being used by non-Muslims to group Islam, Christianity and Judaism together. To me, the term didnt make sense b/c in Abraham's time (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)Christianity, Judaism and Islam have not came into existence yet and Abraham (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)was teaching Monothesism (Tawheed). I could be wrong but that term doesnt make any sense.
So, could someone please help me understand this issue alittle better or provide me with some more Islamic information on it. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

AbooZakee    -- 06-07-2009 @ 8:45 PM
  Wa 'alaykumus Salaam,

Reference to the discussion of 'Abrahamic Religions' is made in the open lecture: What was the Religion of Christ Jesus?

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