Topic: May Allaah reward the sisters efforts in supporting Masjid Ahl il-Hadeeth

DaarulHadeeth.Phil    -- 02-11-2003 @ 10:50 PM
This is a thank you to the sisters who supported Masjid Ahlil Hadeeth with their efforts in organizing the Eidul fitr activities May Allah reward All of you with jannah

DAArul Hadeeth
435 n.60 st
phila. PA 19151
215 471-0913

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Admin    -- 03-11-2003 @ 9:05 PM
  May Allaah reward the sisters for their aid to the dawah. We have edited the post slightly. As a reminder to our members, we ask that they try to avoid slang and street language, as it is not befitting. May Allaah reward you all for your cooperation and give you tawfeeq in your dawah efforts.

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