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ummulwallad    -- 20-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Asalaam u alacum to my brothers and sisters

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Admin    -- 20-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Please mention the paltalk name that she uses, there is no harm in this, so that everyone can beware inshaa'allaah.

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mmcgeorge    -- 20-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  to whom it may concern:

i do have a question or concern about this post:

(1)  are u not as a muslim to have witnesses to verify that this person who u are reporting to admin here is actually doing what she is doing out of harm to u and others or is she doing it out of ignorance?

my concern is this:  if someone has a personality problem with someone then it is easy to lie about what that person is actually doing.  that is why i asked about the witness thing.  i mean even as a muslim i am sure u do not believe that u are perfect and without mistakes.

ummulwallad    -- 20-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Asalaam u alkium
to whom it may concern..... i agree with what you have said that is why i wrote what i did as for proof i have that

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Admin    -- 20-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Just to clarify in case there was misunderstanding. I said that her Paltalk name should be made public, assuming that it is obviously not the same as her real name. This will not harm her as an individual or reveal her true identity, though it will allow others to be aware of what this sister may be doing that is potentially harmful to others.

mmcgeorge, thanks for your post and your concern which is appreciated. Also welcome to this forum.

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umm.alhaarith    -- 24-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

I read the initial post of the sister and the various comments that followed and I just wanted to say that I do not see where  the good can be to expose a sister based on one statement of one sister.
There is no clear evidence that has been presented that any sister uses PalTalk as a way to speak to brothers or that any sister uses the same to create problems between a man and his wife.

You(Admin) said that there was no    harm in publicizing her name but I believe that there is great harm in this for the following reasons ;
1) There is no proof that any sister is on paltalk trying to entrap innocent brothers.
2) There is more benefit in advising the Muslims that use Paltalk to fear Allah and know that Allah is watcher over every harf that you type.
3) Unless the brother is complaining then why should a brothers wife take it upon herself to complain? If a brother feels that the internet is a valid way to meet a wife then that is his business....A man is allowed to have more than one wife.
4) The statement made that the sister has had many husbands has a bad connotation to it as if being married more than one time is a flaw on the sister. She could have had 5 husbands die for all we know..and that is the point we do not know.
5) Everything is from Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala...I fail to see how a sister on the internet has the ability to wreck anyones marriage.
6) The Statement of the Admin where it was said " it will allow others to be aware of what this sister may be doing that is potentially harmful to others."  
Thats my point again....There is no proof that anything is being done by any one sister on Paltalk or other than Paltalk. All we have is the kalam of one sister..I dont believe that this is enough to expose someones alleged flaws.
I leave you with some hadeeths to consider,
Narrated Abu Hurairah "Avoid suspicion as suspicion is the most false form of talk"(Agreed Upon)

Narrated Abu Dauud " The Prophet said that if a muslim defends  his brothers honor in his absense, Allahh will protect his  face from the jahannam on the day of resurection"(At Tirmithee)

Wa Salaamu Alaikum
Umm Alh

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ummulwallad    -- 24-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  asalaam u alkum umm h
as you see i never gave the name as i felt the same way after posting my comment.......

abu.sagheer    -- 24-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  I do not see any problem with ummulwallad's post.

Many brothers I know have experienced fitnah with sisters coming onto them, and playing around, so this definately happens.There are many examples, and I even have some discussions sent to me by brothers who experienced this, and I was disgusted!

UmmulHaarith, if the sister ummulwallad was going to mention the sisters actual name, then I don't think anyone would have agreed, but mentioning the paltalk nick name is not the same. The sisters true identity still remains unknown as yet.

umm.alhaarith    -- 24-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Sister...Barak Allahu Feeki....Indeed Allah is the best of those that guide. There is infinetly more good in refraining from exposing this sister..Paltalk Nick, Chilldhood Nick or otherwise because had you publicized her name then this would have been a responsibility on you Yaum Ad Deen. Insha Allah what you could do which is my naseeha is to make dua for her and do as I do with anyone online that irritates me and that is to utilize the block/ignore features that are at our disposal.
My brothers...Barak Allahu Feekum.....The problem of kalam through pms is one of the biggest problems online. Both brothers and sisters carry the same amount of blame and insha Allah maybe if we are all concious that Allah is witness over our actions would serve as a way to eliminate all the unneccessary conversations that do take place.
I have lost count of the pms that I have got asking me where I am from, what race I am, whether I am married and so on and so forth and the way to eliminate these unwanted pms is to ignore or block. Its simple.
Allahu Ta'ala Alim

ummulwallad    -- 24-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Asalaam u alkium
As i was saying before it wasnt ment it be in a evil way im just upset with sisters and brothers who cause fitnah in peoples marriage and yemanisalafi thank you for your naseeha but i didnt mean any bad by the statement of (she has been married many times) in fact she has been married 7 times as far as i know,now i know that if her husbands was to die then fine but i know different,ahki or ukti 7 times is a lot i my self have been married more then once so i understand as for the sister her self the reason i said she causes fitnah because she would say one thing to me and another to my husband but al-hamdulillah i saved all our conversations any way lets forget this now as maybe she has seen this and feels away so i ask Allah to guide and better all our affairs as we are ALL human and make mistakes i thought that maybe other brothers and sisters who are doing this may benifit from my warning as Allah is the best planner and judge of our affairs

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sis.fitrah    -- 25-09-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Assalamu alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuh

May this message reaches everyone with high iman and good health. I remembered a similar issue being posted in SalafiPublication Forum...good naseehah and tips. Khair Inshaallah.  


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Posted By   A Warning From The Fitnah Of The Internet

Abu Abdullaah     04-20-2002 @ 4:25 PM    
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   A Warning To Brothers, Sisters, Husbands And Wives.

All praises are due to Allaah and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet.

This is just a brief note and advice to all the brothers and sisters who access the internet generally.

I have noticed and experienced a great underlying threat and fitnah that has appeared due to the proliferation of the use of the internet talk and chat rooms and groups.

Paltalk is a particular concern of mine. I have seen that Paltalk brings about a great benefit in terms of disseminating the true Da'wah Salafiyyah. Yet alongside this it has brought about much evil by way of what is commonly known as 'PM-ing'(Private Message). This basically means that individuals can 'chat' with each other whilst the speaker is delivering his lecture.

I have heard of how married women and married men fall into great sin under the guise of PM-ing. So this may begin innocently and with sincerety - even with the intent of da'wah, yet Shaytaan is not far away. And before long both parties (sometimes without even intending to do so) enter into great sin and become intimate - and this is without doubt from the branches of adultary and fornication. May Allaah protect us from sin.

So let us beware of opening this door of evil.

My advice:

1. You should not enter chat groups and chat forums unless there is a need.
2. If the need arises to go to Paltalk, then husband and wives should listen to Paltalk together.
3. If sisters need to go on Paltalk, then they should go on in groups - i.e. that a group of sisters gather in a single house and log on to a lecture together. In that way, unsuspecting sisters will not be 'caught out'.
4. Brothers should be aware of sisters contacting them in the form of 'seeking advice' which sometimes can lead to asking intimate questions and thus increasing the possibility of entering into sin.
5. By in large brothers should attend circles in person rather than through the Paltalk, unless there is a need. In which case, brothers should likewise gather together a a group in single house.
6. Do not enter rooms unless you know for sure they are Salafi. This is because in the rooms of Ahlul-bid'ah and the rooms of the hizbees, shaytaan is rampant and be sure where there is Shaytaan, there is sin closeby! Furthermore, it is not permissable, to sit with or listen to the people of bid'ah as they will misguide even the strongest of hearts!
7. Single brothers (or even married ones) should fear Allaah and not use Paltalk or its likes to attract or beguile sisters.
8. Likewise brothers should be aware of destroying their own home by the influences of certain sisters who wish to just 'play' on the internet and to titilate men - Allaahul-musta'aan.
9. Sisters and brothers should have a strict blocking policy when they log-on (if they have to). They should only accept PM's from people they know.
10. And in general, brothers and sisters, should only visit bonefide sites on the web, and not waste their time on useless surfing.
11. If you the type who finds the net a trial in terms of corruption (which seems to be quite a large amount of people), then it is better that you physically attend the circles in your area (if you have them) or just listen to tapes of the Scholars and students of knowledge. This is because repelling an evil takes precedence over acquiring a good. And in this case, you can gain maybe more good by attending the circles or getting hold of the tapes.
12. Husbands and wives, beware if your spouse insists on having his or her own computer, for no real reason, that only they are allowed to access and is even locked away if they are not around. This is a sure way of opening a door to fitnah and corruption. This is becoming an all too common trend in homes in the UK, Europe and the USA - And often this is done to hide sins that are taking place. Ofcourse, this is not a license to become suspicious of your spouses, since it can also be the case that people have two computers in the house due to genuine work and employment commitments.

So let this be an opening advice to all my brothers and sisters. Protect yourself so that you dont fall into sin that you may regret in the Hereafter.

And all that I have said which is correct, the praise is due to Allaah. And any errors are from myself and I seek refuge in Allaah from the accursed Shaytaan.

All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of the worlds.

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SP Admin     04-20-2002 @ 9:40 PM    
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   Jazaakallaahu khairan for that much needed advice. Maybe you could write down some tips on how to do certain things - such as block non-Pals from contacting you etc. with the Paltalk Software? So that people know how to listen to lectures of the Shaykhs etc. without being

wabillahi tawfeek ukhtuk fee deenFitrah

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