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                          بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم    

The carrier of the banner of Praise and Criticism of our time, Abu Muhammad Rabeeus-Sunnah ibn Haadi Al-Madkhali was asked:

?May Allah preserve you. Is it a condition in the criticism of the callers, clarification of their manhaj and manner of calling, and the ruling upon them, that the one who critcizes be a scholar or is it enough that he be from the people of knowledge that it has been testified to their correctness in manhaj..?

The Sheikh answered:

?May Allah bless you. The affair of Jarh wa Ta?deel is expansive, but as for the issue of critcizing then if a mistake from a scholar or layperson becomes apparent to the student of knowledge he has the right to say so, if it becomes apparent to him that they have clearly opposed a hadeeth, or a belief, or a foundation, then in this issue he is from the people of knowledge, and he has the right to clarify that so-and-so has erred in this, he has the right to do so, may Allah bless you??

The sheikh went on to ask about Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwaini, the one who was refuted. He asked:

?Why was this Abu Ishaaq criticized??

The questioner said:

?He is one of a revolutionary manhaj, and he removes the one who persists in sin from Islam, and many other errors??

The sheikh then answered:

?These affairs are clear, the student of knowledge even if he is small hears a person is making takfeer for major sins, these are from the well-known affairs, they do not require a major scholar. Al-Jarh requires a scholar in delicate matters, in affairs that are not clear, may Allah bless you, so-and-so is a liar, so-and-so is charged with lying, so-and-so has poor memory, so-and-so is such and such, so-and-so is mudallis, may Allah bless you, and he knows tadlees, and he knows the difference of opinion of the scholars regarding it, and he knows what jarh is made upon and what jarh is not made upon, if this is found in an individual, may Allah bless you, then it is for him to make jarh, as for the affairs that are clear like the one who abandonded the prayer, and he says so-and-so abandoned the prayer, or so-and-so drinks intoxicants, or so-and-so is a revolutionary, meaning he holds the thoughts of the Khawaarij and it is clear to the people, may Allah bless you, it is for him to make the Jarh, this is from the affairs that are accepted from the speech of the trustworthy, and especially if the speech is recorded on a tape, or found in a book, so in these affairs these kinds of conditions are not required, it is sufficient to show that he says such and such in such and such a book, even if he is not a scholar??

This was taken from the cassette titled:
الثناء العطر على كتاب مدارك النظر

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