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muslimah_a    -- 02-12-2009 @ 4:02 AM
  Salaam i want to learn more about my religion so i decided to join this forum, i have a question what is a kunyah? is it like a false name? as i am a little confused


Jameel.Finch    -- 02-12-2009 @ 4:53 PM
  As Salaamu 'Alaykum,


Ibn Aqeel [d. AH 769] (a famous 'Arabic grammarian) wrote, "A kunya is what begins with Aboo
(the father of) or Umm (the mother of)." [Explanation of Alfiyyah ibn Maalik - 1/114]


1. Aboo Muhammad (The father of Muhammad)

2. Umm Muhammad (The mother of Muhammad)

Both of these are considered kunyas.

(*) - Usually a person's "real name" comes after his/her kunya.


1. Aboo Muhammad [Zayd] - The Father of Muhammad, Zayd

2. Umm Muhammad [Faatimah] - The Mother of Muhammad, Faatimah

And Allah knows best. I hope this helped.

Your brother in Islam,

Aboo Ahmad Jameel Finch

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