Topic: Shaykh Muhammad Al Imaam: The right of the scholars

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  Shaykh Muhammad Al Imaam: The right of the scholars
نسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

The Messenger of Allah said: "He is not from us who doesn't honor our old, show mercy to our young, and acknowledge the scholar and his right." Narrated by Ahmad and Al Haakim.

Therefore, the right of the scholars of narrative evidence upon the people is that they honor them, learn all aspects of Islam from them, return to them in every dubious and difficult matter that befalls them from the affairs of their religion or worldly matters. Likewise the people should recognize their value, defend them, aid them when they're (the scholars) wronged, and be fully aware that they're not infallible. Thus we don't follow they're mistakes.

They are the glory, strength, light, and beauty of the ummah. With them the religion is preserved, the truth is made known, and the falsehood is exposed. Furthermore the right of the people upon the scholars of hadith is that they teach them the religion of Allah, advise them, enjoin the good upon them and forbid the evil doing that sincerely for Allah and in accordance with what the salaf were upon. Also to warn them against diverging paths that split them from Allah (and his one path). Thus the (means to) diverging paths are four:

1: The athiest that makes one skeptical concerning Allah's religion.

2:The innovator that deviates from the Messenger of Allah (deviates from his guidance due to him innovated in the religion).

3: The negligent that forgets the remembrance of Allah.

4: The sinner that remains steadfast upon sinning.

So if they do that (warn against the previously mentioned things) then they have fulfilled what is upon them. The Exalted says:

و إذ أخذ الله ميثاق الذين أوتوا الكتاب لتبيننه للناس و لا تكتمونه

"When Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it." [Ali-Imran:187]

مأخوذ من المؤامرة الكبرى على المرأة المسلمة
ترجمة: نجيب بن يوسف الأنجلسي

Translated by Najeeb Al Angelesi

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