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Understanding Qutbi Psychology

We are pleased to announce a new competition section through which we wish to foster better understanding about the Kharijite, Jahmite, Ash'arite, Rafidite creed and its underlying foundations. This is great news for Qutbists who rate themselves in their shrewdness and capacity in defending baatil against all odds, all for the sake of an individual in whose books nothing remains, after you take out:

The aqidah of the Khawaarij (a very extreme form of it), the manifestos of secular Atheist Jews, the aqidah of the Raafidah, that of the Jahmiyyah, that of the Mu'tazilah, that of the Ash'ariyyah, that of the Jabariyyah and expressions of Ittihaad and much more,

... except heart-warming, eloquent, literary expressions and some "fikr" (and not even a drop of the sort and type of knowledge you find in "Fath ul-Bari", or "Bulugh ul-Mar'aam" or "Riyaadh as-Saaliheen"!).

See the first quiz here:

We kindly request members to help out the Qutbiyyah on this subject!

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1st Competition was closed without any participation from the Qutbiyyah. Reason is currently unexplained.

Looks like we can excuse Ibn Arabi for his statements of wahdat ul-wujood just because there exist clear explicit negations of wahdat ul-wujood in his books - and both those books in which there is clear negation and those in which the doctrine is clearly outlined and affirmed  are present today, published, distributed, read and studied. It doesn't matter what doctrine he outlined first or last, the issue is the presence of his books, and a people expending efforts to print, distribute, and promote them - that's the issue here.

This was the aim of Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribi with his doctrines of "al-mujmal wal-mufassal" - he innovated these principles in order to defend the realm of Bannaawiyyah and to protect the Innovators, and their works from being abandoned and thrown in the closet.


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