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Shaykh Ibn Jibreen: Usama Bin Ladin, His Associates and Supporters Make Takfir of the Muslims

In this article, we see corroboration from the Shaykh that Usamah bin Ladin and his people make takfir of the Muslims.

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Shaykh Ibn Jibreen was a person of knowledge who in the early 1990s got involved, unfortunately, with personalities like Muhammad al-Misery and his organization called CDLR (an organization practically working to effect Leninist and Marxist type revolutions in Muslim lands). Through this interaction the Shaykh was led to hold erroneous opinions towards Innovators such as Hasan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb. He proceeded to defend these individuals, not upon knowledge and baseerah or any kind of detailed research, but out of sentiments and out of the affectation he suffered from as a result of being involved with such unsavouries. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) and other scholars blasted the CDLR in very powerful words and the scholars expressed their disappointment with the likes of Ibn Jibreen getting involved with these people. Unfortunately that connection harmed the Shaykh in that he became blinded to what these people were really upon, for he, in his methodology, was not upon what these takfiri revolutionaries were upon, even if he was deceived by them in his perception of the Innovators such as Qutb and Bannaa.

Some of the scholars like Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee refuted Ibn Jibreen and eventually declared him to be outside the fold of Ahl us-Sunnah for his continued and persistent defence of the Innovators whose falsehood he knew for certain and for sure, excusing them with the excuse of "ijtihaad" and the likes. This was after Ibn Jibreen persisted in his defence of the Sufi Hasafi Mufawidh and grave-frequenting Hasan al-Banna. And upon the principle of Ahl us-Sunnah, whoever allies and defends the Innovators is to be aligned with them.

Alongside all the above, there are numerous of his verdicts which decisively invalidate the da'wah of the Qutbiyyah Takfiriyyah Kharijiyyah and their allies in the East and West.


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  Shaykh Ibn Jibreen on What is Manifest Clear Kufr and Ruling With the Secular Laws

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen on What the Majority of the Rulers are Upon Today


It is known that al-kufr al-bawah (manifest, clear kufr) is an open, outward matter, such as when he abolishes the teachings of Islaam, or we see him for example, destroying mosques, or he fights the people of the mosques (i.e. those who frequent them), or he abolishes the [Sharee'ah] law courts, or he abolishes the religious lessons, for example, or we see him burning the copies of the Qur'aan, or that he orders for them to be burnt, and he promotes, assists the books of misguidance, the books of the Christians, and whatever resembles them, and he spreads them and makes reading them to be binding, or we see him erecting those things that are worshipped besides Allaah, such as idols and the likes.  This is considered manifest, clear kufr.  As for the [types of] matters in which ijtihaad can enter into, then we alluded to one of these types last night. And this is what the majority of the rulers (wullaat) are upon, from that which is called "judgement by the secular laws" (hukman bil-qawaaneen), such as these laws, overwhelmingly, the affair pertaining to them is that they consider benefit (maslahah) in them, but they did not abolish the legislation (shar') with a complete abolition, such that they do not judge with anything from it at all.  Since Allaah said, "And whoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed they are the disbelievers" (al-Maa'idah 5:44), so the likes of these, when they have this angle of approach, then we do not speak of their kufr, but we consider them to be in error, in this ijtihaad which involves changing something from the legislation, even if it was by the path of ijtihaad. So for example, their permitting of zinaa [i.e. in action, not as a matter of belief], when it is with the consent of both parties, and like their abandonment, or the abolition of the hudood, the punishment for stealing, or the punishment for false slander, or the punishment for drinking alcohol, or permitting alcohol [i.e. in action, not as a matter of belief], and announcing the selling of alcohol, and whatever resembles that.  There is no doubt, that this is a great sin, however there could be, for example, excuses for them, those in which they consider themselves to be justified (i.e. excused in that). So for example, they excuse themselves from this by saying that in their land they have those people who are not Muslim, and that being severe upon them will make them flee. So when they have an angle of approach, then Allaah will reckon them, but, in any case, there is no doubt that if we judged by the shar' (legislation), and implemented its teachings, there would be sufficiency in this and much good.

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  Ibn Jibreen Calls Them 'The Kharijite, Terrorist, Dogs of Hellfire', Those Who Revolt Against the Rulers

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen on the Khawaarij (Revolters)

In fatwa no 5876, with the title ( حكم الذين يكفرون بالذنوب ويستبيحون الخروج على ولاة الأمور) (The Ruling on Those who Make Takfir by Way of Sin and Permit Revolting Against the Rulers), Shaykh Ibn Jibreen was asked:


There occurs in your fatwa no 3407, whose text is:      As for those who make Takfir by way of sins and permit revolt against the rulers then if they revolt against the rulers they are Kharijites and Terrorists (Irhaabiyyoon), and from the Dogs of Hellfire  Some said: Those who make Takfir by way of sins but to not permit revolt against the ruler are not to be called Kharijites. So if you would be gracious enough to explain that. And what is the ruling upon interacting with (i.e. negotiating with) the one who showed (intent towards) reconciliation, and that he has recanted. And are the people to be warned against them due to their ideas?

The Shaykh's response:


What was mentioned in this fatwa is correct, for the Scholars have mentioned that it is not permissible to shun obedience and nor to revolt against the Rulers, and nor to separate from the Jamaa'ah, and that it is upon a Muslim to hear and obey those in authority, even if some of the sins appear from them. For revolting against them brings about confusion (strife) and an abundance of tribulations, the violent rocking of the (the current) security, safety (that is present), killing of the innocent, and the attainment of harm. For this reason, the command to hear and obey has come with his (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam's) saying: "Hear and obey, even if your back is beaten and your wealth is confiscated".  And there is no doubt that those who make Takfir by way of sins are considered Kharijites, even if they do not revolt against the Rulers. And it is permissible to interact with the one (from the Kharijites) who showed (his intent) for reconciliation and who performed what is obligatory upon him. So he is to be dealt with just like the Muslims are dealt with, until he displays what opposes the truth and the evidence.

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  Shaykh Ibn Jibreen Makes Takfir Upon (Declares as Kufr) the Saying of Sayyid Qutb That Islam Is a Mixture of Communism and Christianity

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen was asked about such a saying and here is his response:

The questioner says:


f it was said that Islam is blended from [a mixture of] Socialism, capitalism and corroborates their goals ... so what is the ruling upon that?.

The Shaykh answers:


There is no doubt that this is a criticism upon Islaam [that] is kufr, [the saying] that it [Islaam] is taken from this and from that, and that it is blended from the deen of the Christians, and their likes, or the deen of the Communists, who are the Socialists, or the deen of the Jews who are the capitalists, [the one who says this] then he has disbelieved.

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  The Allegation that Shaykh Rabee' Made Takfeer of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen

Reasons for Attacking Shaykh Rabee

For three years now the Qutbiyyah, the followers of Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribi and likewise the Haddaadiyyah from the "Athary" website, have been distributing a 3 minute audio recording in which they claim Shaykh Rabee' makes Takfir of Ibn Jibreen by saying ("ضيع دينه وإسلامه").

As for the Qutbiyyah then their intent behind this is to seek revenge against Shaykh Rabee because he refuted their 20th century figureheads who brought them the "fikr" of "Social Justice" and "revolution" through the ideologies, maxims and principles of Marx and Engels (see article link below), through some of the terminologies of Abu A'laa Mawdudi, "jaahiliyyah" and "Haakimiyyah", and through some help from French Philosophers such as Alexis Carrel - and all of this combined was behind the penning of the methodology of the Leninist-type revolution in "Milestones" and the latter part of his "Zilaal" from the late 1950s.
So the intent of the Qutbiyyah is to attack and revile Shaykh Rabee' because he refuted their ramz (symbolic figurehead) and because he pointed out the Socialist Marxism in the books of Qutb and because he pointed out the bid'ahs of the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Ash'ariyyah, Jabariyyah, Ittihaadiyyah, as well as the evil poison of the Raafidah, and then the doctrines of the Khawaarij that took shape from the ideologies of the secular atheist Jews upon which he built his notion of "Social Justice" and "revolution" (see here). So with a huge dent in their "harakah", "sahwah" and "fikr" - the Qutbiyyah have been, for the past twenty years or so, trying to defame this noble Scholar. And this is after their full knowledge that the majority of the major Scholars and Imaams of the Sunnah have already vindicated him and his methodology and his refutations of Qutb and others.

And the Qutbiyyah in the West are simply propagating and distributing these affairs now for the sake of defense of Sayyid Qutb.

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