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AbuTalib    -- 10-18-2010 @ 4:46 AM
  Assalmu Alaykum, I am married, this is mine and my wife second marriage, I am a Muslim, but my wife is not. She does not oppose my practicing of Deen, and although she doesn't seem interested in Islam, she listens and is respectful, and never argues with me about it and even agrees with many things about Islam. However, we are raising her sons two children, we do not have custody, only gaurdianship granted, I am unsble to adopt them, and since my wife is Christian, she does oppose my talking with them about Islam. We've had them since 1 and 2 yrs old, and now are 13 and 14, a boy and a girl. Is there something more I should be doing, right now I'm simply explaining small matters to them, and they respond, but not with curiosity, only mild indifference. I am a former christian pastor, and they were with me in all my ministry in that religion, but now it seems I must reteach them, and I'm not sure of how to go about it withot causeing my wife to forceably put a wall between the children and me. They know I'm not their real grandfather, but we're very close. Any help would be appreciated.
Assalmu Alaykum, AbuTalib.

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