Topic: Abu Muhammad Al Jamaiky confirmed at MTWS conference 26-28 Durham NC

Siddiq.Al.Juyaanee    -- 05-19-2006 @ 1:23 PM
  Masjid Tawheed was Sunnah presents a Fundraiser
and Community Development Seminar

May 26th-28th

We are happy to announce that Abu Muhammad Al Jamaiky has been added to the line up of speakers at upcoming conference.  

We are also happy to announce that Mahammad Shabaana, Abdul Azeez and a group of brothers from Masjid Sahaabah in Ohio will be in attendance to help out and aid in the facilitation of the tele-links.    

Registration is Free!

Vending is only $25 for weekend!

Children Lessons & Childcare will be offered!

We would like to invite the brothers and sisters to our community to learn more about our community development project and help us raise funds to begin this endeavor. We are currently working to find a location for our Masjid very close to the downtown area in which there are many opportunities for housing, real estate, and business ventures in the immediate area. Insha-Allah we will present the project details during the seminar and give tours of the area. There will also be other activities during the weekend.

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