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faisal.rawn    -- 05-20-2011 @ 9:20 PM
  madinahduroos Network

madinahduroos is setup on Twitter and provides up to date information about lessons which are taking place in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

This email details how you can join the network and send and receive updates (tweets) to the network so you can stay in touch and inform other with regards to information about lessons which are taking place in Madinah.

madinahduroos allows you to send updates (tweets) to all those registered to the network at the price of one regular text message or free if you choose to send updates (tweets) from your Twitter account via the Twitter website, or the Twitter application on a smart phone such as iPhone, Blackberry, etc. It is also free to receive updates (tweets) via text messages for all those registered to the network anywhere in the world. So you can find out when a new lesson will begin, if a lesson is cancelled or if there is a change to the date/time of a lesson. This allows those living in Madinah as well as those who may just be visiting for a few weeks to be in touch with whatýs going on.

This network requires people to send information to the network about new lessons, changes to existing lessons, or information of a similar nature, so that others can be informed. It also requires people to join the network to receive these updates. We request that you take a few minutes to read the attached document to see how you can become part of the madinahduroos network and forward this information to those whom you think may benefit from joining madinahduroos.

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