Topic: Bristol's BANK HOLIDAY Conference! including Abu Idrees, Abu Junayd and Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaa'iri

Islam.In.Bristol    -- 13-04-2011 @ 1:47 PM
  Bristol's April Conference:

Know Your Creator!

Three days of Knowledge Based Islamic Seminars

Guest Speakers Include:

Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaairi
Abu Idrees Mohammad
Abu Junayd Yusuf
More to be Confirmed....

Tele-links with the Ulama.

Sisters Section, Food Stall, Book Stall, Quran Competition, Overnight Stay for brothers.

Lectures in English, Somali and Arabic.

Friday - Arabic Lectures

Khutba Jumu'ah

After Asr (5.30pm) Lecture by Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaairi.

Saturday - English Lectures

Lectures after Duhr (1pm), Asr (5.30pm) and Maghrib (8pm)

Sunday - Somali Lectures

Lectures after Duhr (1pm), Asr (5.30pm) and Maghrib (8pm)

@Albaseera Mosque. 20 Wade Street, St Judes, Bristol BS2 9DR. Tel:

Uthmaan.Iqbal    -- 13-04-2011 @ 9:09 PM
  As'salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah

Does the conference commence on the 22nd or the 27th of April? You haven't specified the dates and there are two bank holidays at the end of this month.

Jazakamullaahu khairun

Abu.Maryam.T    -- 27-04-2011 @ 2:31 PM

Timetable for Conference

Friday 29th April 2011
1.00pm          Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaairi     Khutba Jumużah (Arabic)
1.45pm          Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaairi     Questions and Answers (Arabic/English)
5.30pm          Asr Prayer
5.45pm          Abu Khadijah Al-Jazaairi:     Who Is Your Creator? (Arabic/English)
7.00pm          Ahmad Eid (Telelink): Manners in the Mosque (Somali)
8.30pm          Maghrib Prayer
8.45pm          Abdul-Qaadir Suuley:    Virtues of Seeking Knowledge (Somali)
10.30pm          Isha Prayer

Saturday 30th April 2011
1.30pm          Dhur Prayer
1.45pm          Abdul-Qaadir Ukaasha: (Telelink)     Escaping the Trial (Somali)
4.00pm          Abdul-Qaadir Suuley: Raising our Children (Somali)
5.30pm          Asr Prayer
5.45pm          Abu Junayd Yusuf Bowers: Allah is Great (English)
7.00pm          Dr Uthmaan Mualim (Telelink):     Paths to Guildance (Arabic)
8.30pm          Maghrib Prayer
8.45pm          Abu Idrees: Love for the Sunnah (English)
10.30pm          Isha Prayer

Sunday 1st May 2011
1.30pm          Dhur Prayer
1.45pm          Quran Competition
5.30pm          Asr Prayer
5.45pm          Khadr As-Salafi: Attributes of the belivers(Somali)
7.00pm          Mohammad Al-Imaam (Telelink): Sincere Advice (Arabic)
8.30pm          Maghrib Prayer
8.45pm          Mohamad Abdi-Daahir: Whorship Your Lord! (English)
10.30pm             Isha Prayer

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