Topic: When is the Summer Conference 2011

kkhan    -- 19-03-2011 @ 1:05 AM
  Asalamu Alaikum Brothers at the Maktabah Salafi Birmingham,

I pray you are well and all my brothers and sisters around the world.

Brothers at the Matabah, I have always enjoyed your conference and is a boost for my eman.

Please can you give us an idea of the dates at least when the summer conference will be held so we can take advantage of cheap hotels and booking time of work.

Brother Khalid and Family

Erol    -- 24-05-2011 @ 2:46 AM
  salaamu 'aleykum wa rahmatullah

No further information yet?

Abu.Maryam.T    -- 24-05-2011 @ 1:46 PM

There are no specific dates set at the moment... Once dates are set, they will be announced upon this website, through the SP mailing list and the @Salafitalk Twitter account inshaa Allaah

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