Topic: Minhaj class Sheikh Ramzan

rasheed.b    -- 28-02-2011 @ 2:49 AM
  As salaamu aliakum

Sheikh Ramzan will be conducting a weekly minhaj class starting Monday at 2:15 pm EST inshaAllah.

The book used will be

الكواشف الجلية للفروق بين السلفية والدعوات السياسية الحزبية البدعية

The book can be downloaded here

Class number and pin

712 432 3100 pin 707 528

Please mute your phones

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rasheed.b    -- 09-03-2011 @ 2:30 PM
The brother are using a new number and code

via conference-line number/1-712-432-3030/, passcode/206066.

In shaa Allaah, this link-up will take place every monday at this time until the shaykh completes his comments upon his risaalah,

al-Kawaashif al-Jilliyyaah lil-Furooq baynas-Salafiyyah wad-Da'awaat as-Siyaasiyyah wal-Hizbiyyah wal-Bid'iyyah

(Clear Expositions of the Differences Between Salafiyyah and the Political, Sectarian, and Heretical Propaganda)

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