Topic: Teaching positions available in Qatar

yahyaa.abu.aadam    -- 07-10-2008 @ 6:40 PM
  Four teaching English to adults positions open in the state of Qatar.

Salary: Roughly 14,800 QAR (after other bonuses and benefits) which equates to 2060 GBP (British Pounds), 4067 USD (Dollars) and 2590 EUR (Euro) monthly.

Settling: 35,000 QAR one time housing allowance plus a 10,000 QAR interest free loan if needed to help get settled (45000 QAR = 6,267.89 British Pound, 12,366.1 US Dollar, 7,878.41 Euro).

Work hours: from 0630 to 1130 (5 hours), Sunday through Thursday. Attire is slacks and a shirt, no tie.

Housing: Fully paid for by the employer and you will receive a house according to the size of your family. The larger your family the more rooms you get. Utilities partially paid for by employer.

Medical: Paid for by your employer for yourself and family.

Education: Children are allowed to enter state schools free of charge.

Vacation: Minimum of 45 paid vacation days off.

Travel: Yearly tickets to your destination of choice for yourself, your wife and 3 children. Annual immigration fees for wife and 2 children fully paid for by employer.

Contract: long term.

Other benefits:
Free Arabic courses for employees.

This is an opportunity to live in a Muslim land and have the ability to make umrah up to 4 times a year and make hajj free of charge for any reverts (Qatari gov. will pay for hajj for reverts) and be in a central location to drive or fly at low rates to see the scholars in Saudi, Kuwait and Yemen.

The job is open to everyone but we would prefer to see Salafis in these positions as opposed to kuffar or hizbees ect. There has been a recent influx of salafis and those who have a proclivity towards salafiyah at the location and we would like to see that trend continue.

The jobs are open to anyone with at least three years teaching experience and a degree or 5 or more years teaching experience without a degree. You must have a TEFL certificate and be ready to travel to Qatar on short notice for interview.  

DO NOT FEEL SHY TO APPLY WITHOUT THE ABOVE EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS (be sure to have at least a TEFL). Some brothers with very little experience have been hired recently.

If you are interested email your C.V. to

umsalayum    -- 07-26-2008 @ 12:11 AM

Inshaallah this is to let all of you who sent your CV's to please be patient. The hiring manager is on vacation right now and hasn't looked at anyone's papers yet.

umsalayum    -- 08-25-2008 @ 2:02 PM
  As sallamu alaikum

To everyone who sent a CV I regret to inform you that the agency is no longer considering anyone outside of Qatar. This is a recent change and I did not know that this would be implemented upon his return from vacation.

If you have leave or vacation and can make a trip ahlan I will facilitate your visiting him. Otherwise I sincerely apologize to the many who sent their CV's (many quite impressive) and encourage you to continue your efforts to move to the lands of the Muslims.

Barak alahu feekum
Abdurahman Little

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