Topic: Wheres the thread on women wearing pants (trousers)

nm-questions    -- 08-26-2003 @ 11:56 PM

The thread you directed me to is not the one i am looking for if you wish me to rimind you what the contents of the thread was perhaps it might help you

The content of the thread was discussing weather trousers were allowed for women even though the trousers in western society are designed to the specification of the women

the thread was also discussing the comparison of mens clothing to women
an argument was raised that the jilbab or the gown that men were constituted a form of womens dress the thread also discussed that women should not imitate men vice versa  some people who posted the thread refered to the book of Shiekh Albani regarding womens dress or the awrah of women ?

The thread also discussed a hadith about, we are allowed to wear anything as long as we dont  waste and be extragavent. (paraphrase)

It also discussed the male gown was not imitation of the female dress becuase it was not below the ankle while the womens dress should be left to fall down

To whom it may concern it is imperative i find this thread if you could please send out a message to the people asking where that thread might be located it was qiute a long discussion about the subject and very informative

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