Topic: Concerning a Particular Website Is it Salafee or Not?

nm-questions    -- 07-19-2003 @ 8:33 PM

salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

I want to know if whether the site [*******]
is a correct salafee site? Is it ok to visit it?

Baraak Allaah feekum

wa salaam alaykum

nm-questions    -- 07-19-2003 @ 8:34 PM
  This site, manhaj, that is also tied the organisation called SSNA and its website, is a site of the Hizbiyyeen who are upon the manhaj of Abul-Hasan Maribi. It has links to the sites of the hizbees like ahya and call to islam who are all followers of the innovators and deviants like Maribi and Farsi. Do not visit it or refer to it. The site started off well, but got corrupted during the fitnah of Maribi.

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