Topic: Questions About Selling a Mosque and Related Issues and about Scholars and Students of Knowledge

nm-questions    -- 07-19-2003 @ 8:32 PM

As-Salaamu 'Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:

I have 4 important questions:

1. Can an existing masjid be sold to buy a newer or bigger masjid with the intent of making more space for the believers, etc, and does this enter under building a house for Allah?  Please give a few evidences.  (This is asked because some who are opposed to getting a new masjid ask is it permissible to sell a masjid and what is your proof).

2.  What is the correct procedure for correcting the masjid board or any other type of leadership; and should this be done on yawmul-Jumu'ah in front of the whole community pointing out the faults and deficienies of those in charge?

3.  What is the correct procedure for selecting the majlis or board for the masjid: should they be appointed and approved by the Imaam or something like this, or does every Tom, Dick, and Harry have a say so in the election of these individuals?  Which is more correct and please give a few evidences.

4. What is the correct position concerning those who say that we only have to take from the Scholars and we do not have to take from the students of knowledge, or everytime an issue or evidence is brought to them they ask, "What do the major scholars say about this issue, or so and so?"  Is this correct to take only from the Scholars and not everyone who is of sound of knowledge, or is this sort of a blind following and a way of rejecting evidence that you don't like when it comes to you?

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