Topic: Advice Needed for Sisters Concerning Wakeels and Marriage

nm-questions    -- 03-06-2003 @ 6:44 PM

assalamualikum,Its easy to find many fatwa about non-mahram people being alone even when seeking to marry each other .What I and other sisters cant seem to find are fatwa dealing with people who are interested in each other being able to get to know eachother on the phone alone before agreeing to marry.This is a real concern for sisters whos husbands seeking other wives.please give details for what stage this is allowed .Also Is it permissiable for a non-mahram wakil to remain a sisters wakil speaking to her back and forth by internet or phone  in private if he makes it known hes interested in her or she makes it known she is interested in him but they have not yet agreed to marriage.Keep in mind this brother may have a wife .Both of these situations are a regular practice with the muslims here.Some sisters only know what their wakil tells them is correct and do not have to have the means to get the fatwas themselves. May Allah bless us all to be upright ameen.

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