Topic: Urgent zakah question

your.sister    -- 14-09-2009 @ 6:09 PM
  Assalaam alaykum,

Say a person is over the nisab required to pay zakaah. But part of their wealth which makes them reach the nisaab is money they have taken out as a loan. This loan needs to be paid back with interest, but the person does not know whether the actual loan money they are in possession of contains interest. It could be as the company which the loan is taken from deals with interest, so the loans they give out could contain the interest money.

As far as im aware its not permissable to pay zakaah or any charity on illegal wealth, such as wealth from stealing, alchohol and riba. But if a person is not sure whether this money is riba money, should they pay zakaah on it or not?

Atlernatively can anyone give me the contact details of a scholar? I know there are Q/A sites but they rarely accept your questions because they are so busy.

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