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Abu.Hafs.Bilaal    -- 15-11-2003 @ 2:43 PM
wa Salaatu wa salaam ala Rasoolullah
Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah

For whoever can get help for this situation
In a particular area where there are no salafi students of knowledge, a group of salafis try to establish the dawah. One of them divorces his wife. the wife is disgruntled and requests to sit before the majlis to discuss the issues of her ended marriage. Her claim is lack of maintanance and she claims her soon to be ex-husband (wAllahu 'alam, she is in iddah) is defaming her.
Q. Is it from the sunnah for a group of common brothers who facilitate the affairs of the salafis to hold a meeting for a sister to come before them and discuss the affairs of her marriage?
Barakallahu fiqum
info needed right away
Abu Hafs Bilaal as Salafi

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