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  Can any of the members give advice to what is posted below? On another note, we are slowly adding more members from the backlog, which has now been reduced slightly.

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,
I am writing yo becausee at the moment you are not accepting any more members.Therefore I hope that you can post this for me, inshaAlah. A few sisters wanted to get together after Ramadan to have an intense studygroup.However its hard to know where o begin. Alhamdulila we all know how to read arabic. We would love to memorize books along with the Quran like usoou thulatha, but we dont feel that its beneficial to memorize proofs or any books besides the Quran in arabic because its like we're parrots saying not really understanding.My question is what kind of beneficial study agenda would one reccomend for those who read arabic know a little as far as basic issues in aqeedah and manhaj as well as other very basic issues of islam Please be specific as to what books and ways to study them what should be memorized and what takes precedence like arabic Quran, fiqh etc, Baraka Allahu feekum!

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  bismilah wal hamdulelah wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasoolelah sallAllahu alayhe wa salama amma badu:

The Shaykh al-Allammah Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee rahimullah rahmatu wasiaa was asked , Q: What are the books you advise to read in Aqeedah, in Tafseer, in Hadeeth and it's sciences and in Fiqh?

The Shaykh's rahimullah Answer (translated) was : "The first treatise that I advise towards for the one wants to begin in seeking knowledge is to memorize   Usoolu Thalatha, wa arkaanus-Salat waajibatus-Salat Shoorutu-Salat, Qawaa'id Arba'a. And this is what is better".    

listen to tape:
The answer is much longer and greatly benificial for the true seeker of Knowledge.

Al-Awzaa'ee said , "When Innovations emerge and the People of Knowledge do not show rejection against them, they become the Sunnah".

Tahdheeb Sharul Ashaabul-hadeeth of al-Khateeb al-Bagdaadee (p.46)

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