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amr.basheer    -- 12-04-2011 @ 8:10 PM
  As-Salam 'Alykum wa Rahmatullaahi

Can everyone can post names, addresses and their experiences of bookshops from around the world, in any language. Post pictures if you can and even if they are small shops in your area, mention them. Also mention what they sell and any special points of interest.
Jazakumullaahu khairain.

Moosaa    -- 13-04-2011 @ 11:24 AM
  wa alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh...

Might I suggest including google map links or coordinates, like the following two used book shops that many people don't know of in Jeddah at the Haraaj:

The Rahmaaniyyah Market at the Jeddah Haraaj,39.209465&spn=0.000959,0.001668&t=h&z=19

(The rectangular shaped building on the left (West) of the map, a triangular corner of the rectangle seems missing... zoom out to get your bearings.)

Near the upper-right (North-east) end of the middle of the building, there is a used book shop.  Lots of books, seems to get new things somewhat often, a bit expensive.

Just behind the Rahmaaniyyah Market (on the North-west side), walking distance, on the other side of the rows of used clothing vendors (where they used to be before the floods wiped them away) is a smaller shop, with a large storage space somewhere near it.

Both shops are not usually open in the mornings.  5pm to 10pm is your best bet.

ibn John

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amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 1:35 PM
  Maktabah Ibn Taymiyyah

amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 2:31 PM
  Maktabah Ibn Taymiyah

The legendary Ibn Taymiyah Bookshop is located in Cairo. Iım not sure of the exact address, but its in Giza near the Pepsi Cola factory. It is known for its stock of old books and if you have any missing volumes in any set, then itıs the first place to go. The owner Abd ul-Fattah, hafidhahullaah, has copied many of the old classics and made them available again in nice yellow paper and leather bindings.

As you can see itıs very unusual! No its not a hundred years old. Itıs his latest branch [I think set up in 2004] and itıs just that he hasnıt completed the structure. So watch out for the rats and cats, which jump in through the glassless windows, running between the aislesıtake a stick with you! And its not Ali Hasan al-Halabi you will bump into. Donıt worry! Heıs just the worker who is a spitting image of the aforementioned! Heıs there to bring down your heavy purchases from the 3rd and 4th floors.

amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 3:35 PM
  Here are pics of the ground floor

amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 7:13 PM
  number 2

amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 7:29 PM
  next floor...

amr.basheer    -- 13-04-2011 @ 7:31 PM
  next floor number 2

alibarami    -- 13-04-2011 @ 8:05 PM
  walikumasalam wa rahmthuallhi wa barakthuhu

here are some pictures of libraries in riyadh in our Brother Mustafa's Blog

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Radhiyallahu anhu said: I will not leave anything Allah's Messenger Sallahu alihi wa ssallam did, except that I will also do it; for I fear that if I were to leave any of his commands and ways I would deviate.(Al-Bukhari, Al-Sahih 2:386

amr.basheer    -- 14-04-2011 @ 8:29 PM
  Third floor-1

amr.basheer    -- 14-04-2011 @ 8:30 PM
  third floor-2

amr.basheer    -- 14-04-2011 @ 8:31 PM
  third floor-3

amr.basheer    -- 16-04-2011 @ 11:48 PM
  ...then on the second day of your visit to the bookshop you can browse the next floor. Shelves at last!

amr.basheer    -- 16-04-2011 @ 11:51 PM
  ...careful how you pull the books out. The shelves may topple over!

AbuAbdir-Razzaq    -- 05-06-2011 @ 2:20 AM

Salaamun alaykum

Could someone please provide a list of bookshops in Makkah with full addresses.

Below is a list of books could someone please advise me on best prints of each of these titles.

Imaam ibn abd al barr
The Comprehensive Compilation of the Names of the Prophet's Companions
ııııııııı ıı ııııı ııııııı
4 volumes darul Jeel

Shaykh Uthaymeen

al qawl al mufeed ala kitaab tawhid

Shaykh abdur razzaaq Al badr

al jaamiu lil buhooth war rasaa'il

ziyaadatul emaan wa nuqsaanahu wa hukmul istithnaa feehi

ilmul aqaa'id wat tawheed

Shaykh abdul mohsin Al badr

ishroona hadithan min saheeh bukhari
ishroona hadithan min saheeh muslim

was salaamu alaykum

Abdullah b.Umar May Allah be pleased with them both said:
'Every bidah(religious innovation) is misguidance, even if people think it is good.'
Al-Lalikaii in Sharh Usıl Iıtiqıd Ahl Al-Sunnah wa Al-Jama'ah Vol 1. P134, no.111

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