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Said114    -- 02-12-2010 @ 10:30 PM
  salam 3alaykum

I want give arabic speaking brothers good arabic books (pdf.) from 3ulama from ahlu sunnah, but i don't speak arabic. Can you help me and search for me some important books in arabic and write the english titel about the book-link?

like the ussol ath-thalatha, al aqida wasitiyah, usool ussunnah, the pray of the prophet sallalahu 3alayhi wa salam. Books about the right manhaj.

I saw by a brother that it give some video lectures from u3lama like sheikh fawzan about tawheed etc. . I think that is a very nice idea if i give them brothers videolectures if it gives in the internet for download.

If you know some important audio lectures, please send it too.

The important is just that i can see what it is, please write the englisg titel to the Download link. barak allahu fikum
If you know webpge which has this all, write it please because i did'nt found something with the search option from

Excuse my bad english i'm german

salam 3alaykum

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