Topic: "Habeeb Ali Jifri is a Sufi" - Sh. Al Rajhi hafithahullah

sajid_chauhan_81    -- 12-01-2009 @ 11:10 PM
  Shaikh Al Rajihi was asked: There is much disagreement about the condition of Jifri between one who defends him and one who warns against him. Therefore what is your advice to all of us? And if we warn against him would this fall into backbiting?

The Shaikh answered:
What I see is that Jifri is Sufi. He is a Sufi and Ashari and he goes beyond the bounds and praises the people who say Allah is in everything and everything is in Allah and other than them. Also he sees Shirk and du'a to the dead who are righteous as being lawful. He is a superstitious, graveworshipping Sufi and Ashari. And this warning is not from backbiting it is from advice. Warning against evil. And speaking about the people of innovation is not backbiting but it is advice in this exception

Translated by Br. Musa Millington of Trinidad

wasim.ahmed    -- 15-01-2009 @ 4:52 PM
  'Allaamah Saalih al Fawzaan hafidhahullaah says that 'Ali al Jifri is a

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