Topic: refutation of Aa'eed al Qarnee

yahyaa.abu.aadam    -- 20-12-2004 @ 1:48 PM
  As sallamu alaikoum wa rahmutllah,

I am in need of the refutations of this man, al Qarnee, in arabic for a brother who watches his weekly television program.

Audio is good but a link with something I can print out would be better, wallahu alam.

jazak Allahu krayran

yahya abu 'adam

'Ata' bin Dinar said, "All thanks are to Allah who said {And it is the disbelievers who are the wrongdoers} (2:254) but did not say it is the wrongdoers who are the disbelievers." ---ibn Abi Hatim 3.966

zejd.peqin    -- 29-04-2010 @ 2:58 PM
  Click the link:

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