Topic: Wisdom and Humility in Dr. Usama Hasan's Clear Retractions

Moosaa    -- 14-03-2011 @ 3:52 PM
  Right around 10:00 the reality of his "retraction" is made clear:

" shouldn't be an issue which divided the community like this...... everybody makes mistakes, and perhaps i've said and done things which the community wasn't ready for, or I've been very fortunate with learning and other experiences which not everybody at the mosque is familiar with...  and i may have seem to have gone too far too quickly for example...!"

So he admits that the Muslims who believe in their Religion are just not yet ready (i.e. not astray enough) for his deep intellectual kufr.  He humbly admits that it may have been a mistake from him to speak about this issue while his audience was not as learned and experienced as him.

What wisdom and humility!

ibn John

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abdullah.gambi    -- 02-04-2011 @ 9:57 PM

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