Topic: Help needed please!!!

oemnaima    -- 02-02-2010 @ 1:27 AM
  Salaam aleikuum,I have a question .

I want to learn about Islam.

I have all the right books and lectures .

But I just do not know where to start with.

And if I want to read a book or listen to a lecture,then I just cannot

find the concentration and I have all the time to read or listen.

My children are older and at school .

When I look at all of the books,I want to take one and start reading,but then the saitan is coming to me and makes waaswaas and I put the book away.

I want to read and learn so much[I get very unhappy with this whole situation].

Please can someone give me advice about this?

Djazaak Allahoe ghairaan and Aleikuum salaam Oemnaima.

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