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UmmRajaa    -- 15-04-2005 @ 2:47 AM
  As-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu:

Can anyone help me by translating this small paragraph from Ibn Qudamaah's (rahimahullaah) book al-Mughni.

?تاب ا?ط?ارة

باب ا??سح ع?? ا?خف??

?ف? ?سح ا?رأس ع?? ???عت?ا ر?ا?تا?: إحدا??ا ?ج?ز ?أ? أ? س??ة ?ا?ت ت?سح ع?? خ?ار?ا ذ?ر? اب? ا???ذر ??د ر?? (ع? ا??ب? -ص?? ا??? ع??? ?س??- أ?? أ?ر با??سح ع?? ا?خف?? ?ا?خ?ار) ??أ?? ??ب?س ??رأس ?عتاد, ?ش? ?زع? فأشب? ا?ع?ا?ة ?ا?ثا??ة ?ا ?ج?ز ا??سح ع??? فإ? أح?د سئ?: ??ف ت?سح ا??رأة ع?? رأس?ا? ?ا?: ?? تحت ا?خ?ار, ??ا ت?سح ع?? ا?خ?ار ?ا?: ??د ذ?ر?ا أ? أ? س??ة ?ا?ت ت?سح ع?? خ?ار?ا ???? ?ا? ?ا ت?سح ع?? خ?ار?ا ?افع ?ا??خع?, ?ح?اد ب? أب? س???ا? ?ا?أ?زاع? ?سع?د ب? عبد ا?عز?ز ?أ?? ??ب?س ?رأس ا??رأة, ف?? ?جز ا??سح ع??? ?ا???ا?ة ??ا ?جزئ ا??سح ع?? ا???ا?ة, ر?ا?ة ?احدة ?ا ?ع?? ف?? خ?افا ?أ??ا ?ا ?ش? ?زع?ا ف?? ?ا?طا??ة ??رج? ?ا??? أع??

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Jazaaka Allahu khairan.

Ummul Layth Hakimah bint Hakim

Moosaa    -- 16-04-2005 @ 6:25 PM

"The Book of Purification"

"Chapter: Wiping Over Footwear"

"...And with regards to wiping over the head covering (for women), then there are two narrations (from Imaam Ahmad):  The first of them is that it is permissible, since Umm Salamah used to wipe over her khimaar.  Ibn al-Munthir mentioned this...

( - - ) ,
And it has been reported from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam that he ordered (them) to wipe over the footwear and the khimaar.  Also, this is because it (a woman's head covering) is something fixed in place and it difficult to remove, so then it is similar to the 'imaamah (of the men)...

: ǿ : ,
...And the second (narration from Imaam Ahmad) is that it is not permissible to wipe over it (a woman's head covering), for verily Ahmad was asked: How can a woman wipe over her head?  He said: From under her khimaar, and she does not wipe over the khimaar...

...He (Ibn Qudaamah, most likely; perhaps Imaam Ahmad) said: And they mentioned that Umm Salamah used to wipe over her khimaar...

...And from those who said that one does not wipe over her khimaar are: Naafi', an-Nakha'ee, Hammaad ibn Abee Sulaymaan, al-Awzaa'ee, and Sa'eed ibn 'Abdil-'Azeez...

, ,
Since it is something worn on the head of the woman, then it is not permissible to wipe over it, like the helmet (worn in battle), as it is not permissible to wipe over the helmet, and there is only one narration about this (from Imaam Ahmad), and we do not know of any differing over it, since it is not difficult to remove, then it is like a man's cap, and Allaah knows best."

Moosaa ibn John Richardson


UmmRajaa    -- 17-04-2005 @ 1:58 AM
  as-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu:

Jazaaka Allaahu khairan Yaa Abal 'Abbaas!

oummou.assia    -- 17-04-2005 @ 9:25 AM
  bissmillahi ar rahmani ar rahim
assalam alaykoum

just a reminder:

Wiping on the Socks, Shoes, Bandages & Turbans during the Wudoo

(excellent article, which should be read carefully and kept in mind)



Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-?Uthaymeen (Rahimahullaah)



Q20.     Is it permitted to wipe on the ?Imaamah-s, and what are the limits of that, and what is the description of the ?Imaamah?

A20.     Wiping on the ?Imaamah is something that the Sunnah has brought from the Messenger (Sallallaahu ?alayhi wa sallam). Hence it is permitted to wipe on them, wiping on all or part, and it is also from the Sunnah to wipe whatever is exposed of the head, like the forelock, side of the head, and ears.

Q21.     Does the Shimaagh [like a Ghutrah ? the square cloth that is folded into a triangle and usually worn on the head of Saudi men] of a man, and the covering of the head of a woman, enter into what is know as the ?Imaamah?

A21.     The man?s Shimaagh and Taaqeeyah [the simple white cotton cap worn by most Muslims] certainly does not enter into what is meant by the word ?Imaamah. As for what is worn in winter, such as the complete hood that covers the head and ears, and that which is perhaps below it, being wrapped on the neck, then this is like the ?Imaamah because it is difficult to remove and so it may be wiped upon.

Concerning the women, then they can wipe on their Khimaar-s according to what is well known from the Madh-hab of Imaam Ahmad if they are made to go round under the neck, because that has been mentioned from some of the women companions (Radiyallaahu ?anhunna).
Q22.     Is it permitted to wipe on the Fez as it is on the head but not connected to the neck?

A22.     It is apparent that the Fez is not difficult to remove and so it is not permitted to wipe on it as it resembles the Taaqeeyah in some respects. All this is because, the principle is that one must wipe the head during Wudoo, unless it becomes clear that the item in question can be wiped instead.

( "( "
Oummou Assia Amina Le Joncour al-faranssiyyah

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