Topic: 7 under the shade of Allaah

Abu.Yaqoob.Jhangir    -- 17-07-2010 @ 7:45 PM
  Asalaam alaykum

Does anyone have a detail explanation of the hadeeth regarding "7 under the shade of Allaah" or if there is a book on it.

I did a quick web search but only found websites that Ive not heard of.
I also searched salafi talk but found nothing on this subject.


Abu Yaqoob Muhammad Jahangir Ibn Ramadhaan Ibn Himat Ibn Raheem Khan

Salafi-Markaz.Manch.    -- 20-07-2010 @ 5:24 AM
    assalaamu alaykum;

akhi, there is a small risaalah of shaikh Rabee on this topic titled:

'al-qawlul waadih al mubeen fil muraad bi dhil-lil laah al-ladhi wa'ada bihil mumineen al-aamileen'

it is 48 pages;

publisher: 'daar imaam ahmad' | [url=][/url]

The Salafi Centre of Manchester
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M89DA    -- 23-07-2010 @ 11:36 AM

Wa 'alaikumus Salaam

Akhi follow this link ( click here ) to listen to a khutbah that our brother Hasan as-Somali delivered on this hadeeth of 'The Seven Under the Shade of Allaah'. It will only cost you 50p on

or you can purchase the cd at the The Salafi Bookstore 472 Coventry Road, B10 0UG.

alibarami    -- 10-12-2010 @ 3:55 PM
  Asalamualikum wa rahamthuallahiwa barakathuhu

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Radhiyallahu anhu said: I will not leave anything Allah's Messenger Sallahu alihi wa ssallam did, except that I will also do it; for I fear that if I were to leave any of his commands and ways I would deviate.(Al-Bukhari, Al-Sahih 2:386

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