Topic: Sunnah method for praying the 4 rakaat after jumah salaah?

junaid    -- 03-07-2010 @ 1:22 PM
  Assalaamualaikum..there seems to be two opinions regarding the offering of the 4 rakaat sunnah salaah after being resembling the asr salaah with one tasleem, the other being dividing it into 2 seperate units of prayer with two rakaah's each with two tasleems, i want the students of knowledge of here to kindly shed more information on the issue as to which is the more stronger opinion?
My second question deals with the tashhahud in the middle of the prayer, should we send the salaah and salaam upon the Prophet(salAllaahu alayhi wassalam) in it, deeming it a recommended act or is better to stop at Ashhaduaanna muhammaadan abduhu wa rasuluh?
BaarakAllaahu feek ya ikhwaan

ummmusa88    -- 04-07-2010 @ 8:39 PM
  wa alaikum asalaam,

regarding the second question:

from Shaykh al-Albaanee's Sifah Salaat inNabee (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam),
page 70:

"He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to send prayers on himself in
the first tashahhud as well as the other"
- Abu 'Awaanah in his Saheeh
(2/324) and Nasaa'i

alibarami    -- 06-05-2011 @ 3:28 PM
  Walaikum masalam wa rahmthuallhi wa barakthuhu
Regarding the first question
In this article found in triod

Which is an excerpt from the book, "A Description of the Regular Sunnah Prayers - A Way of Building Your Home in Paradise", translated by Hassan Somali and available at the TROIDStore

Shaykh Muhammad 'Umar Bazmool  (Hafidhahuallah) comes to the point that sunnah prayer done before Salaatul-'Asr is to be done in four continuous units, without giving tasleem between the two and this is how he mentioned it


Based upon this, the supererogatory Sunnah Prayer of Asr is an exception to the general hadeeth, "The Prayers offered during the day and the night are to be observed in pairs".

As for the source of the above mentioned hadeeth insha Allah hope that it can be found in the above mentioned book at TRIODStore.

So in generality all sunnah prayers except the sunnah before Asr is to be prayed in pairs and Allah A3lam.

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